Retained Search



We hear this all of the time.  Men frustrated with not being able to find good quality woman (and all women are shocked by this) and women convinced that all of the “good ones” are married (which they are not!).


  • Contact us and we’ll start with a phone call.  Everyone tells us this quickly raises their comfort level after talking with us.  Because we’re not here to make ridiculous promises, just build realistic hope and a plan that will work for you.
  • If, after our call, we both feel there is good potential of working together, we’ll set up a time to meet in person.
  • Once you decide to “retain us”  we’ll meet with you to do a private 2 – 3 hour initial interview and set up subsequent meetings with us to get you started.
  • Our clients pay our fee.  We represent only a “handful” of clients at any given time.
  • We do not have a “pool” of singles to draw from for matches for our clients (although we will check for any potentials from our singles registry)
  • We reach out discreetly, to our vast connections in many different circles, professional and personal to vet out potential matches for our clients.
  • The matches we find for our clients do not pay a fee.  However, they are carefully vetted before they ever meet our clients.
  • Fees  start at $15,000 with several different options and features.