We emotionally invest in our clients with our genuine approach. We’re like family that wants the best for them. Except, we’re not technically family, so we actually get results!

From the founder of Table for Two (a high-end matchmaking service with offices in Minneapolis, Rochester, Denver and Phoenix), Amy Rolando, comes Pairings Group.

After eleven successful years of building Table for Two, Amy sold the business to focus on delivering retained search matchmaking for selective, professional singles.

After working together at Table for Two, Amy partnered with former general manager,  Denys Crea, to create Pairings Group in 2010.

Amy and Denys have over 33 years combined experience working one on one with upscale, single professionals.  Having successfully matched over 1,200 couples their experience is “unmatched”.

Meet Our Team

When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work doesn’t feel like a job it’s our vocation.
  • Amy Rolando
    Entrepreneur, Matchmaker, Meteorologist Witnessing a tornado at age 3 propelled Amy to pursue a career in meteorology.  At the age of 24, she became the...
  • Denys Crea
    Growing up in St. Paul, MN as a daughter of a police officer and part of a large extended Italian family, Denys was never alone! Before venturing into the...

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